My Story

Acting has accompanied me troughout my life and we have become inseparable. I am clear that you have to take risk for what is worth it.

The Sun fiil me up with a huge inspiration and connect me with my being! Therefore every single moment I can I spend chasing for sun 

“Don’t take life too seriously, you’re not going to get out of it alive anyway.”


My Resume

Cinema and tv



Documentaries and music videos


 “To find your comedy personality” Leo Bassi, Madrid, 2014.

Stand Up with Carlos Ramos. Paramount Comedy/Comedy Central, Madrid, 2013.

Stand up with nthe comedian Carlos Blanco Vila. Lugo 2012.

Clown with Marian Bañobre González. Lugo 2012.

Theatre training Cristian Nila, theatrical pedagoguel, Seville 2014.

Film course with Oliver Laxe. Frispesci Prize of the Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2010 with his debut film. “You are all captains.” Cannes Jury Prize 2019 and 2 Goya Awards 2020 with “O que arde” Lugo, 2012.

Workshop “Filming in Navarra” in Studios Melitón with the Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi, highlighting the two Oscars and a Golden Globe Awards. Lekaroz, Navarra, Junio

Enea Casting by Carmen Rico and organized by the AISGE Foundation in collaboration with Netflix, Seville, 2021


Manager in Microteatro Sevilla  2016/2017


Program: “Luar”. Section Os Humorosos. Galician Television. Santiago de Compostela. 2012 season.

Program: “A medio día”. Humor and interviews section. El Correo Television. Seville. Season 2015-2016.

Program: “Cerca de ti”. Humor section, “Cuarto y mitad de Impro” and collaboration as a reporter on the street. El correo Television. Seville. Season 2016-2017.


Series: “Sin Novedad“, Directed by Rodrigo Sopeña. Warner Bros Spain production for HBO Spain. (2021).

Series: “Lejos de ti“, Mediaset co-production for Telecinco and Canale 5 (Italy) 2020.

Series: “Club Houdini“, Directed by Rodrigo Sopeña. Disney Channel. 2019.

Short film: “El último baile“, Directed by Fani Konstantinou. Short film winner of the NIFF of Navarra 2019.

Short film: “Cuando“, Directed by Anna Mitja. Navarra 2019.

Short film: “El Traductor“, Direction and script: Adrian Perea and Jorge Luque. Navarre. 2019.

Series: “Allí Abajo“. Production of Atresmedia for Antena 3 television. 2018.

Movie: “Krona3 The Froggy Case“. Realization and production of Fede James Tarantola for Filmin. 2018

Short film: “Me desperté“. Made by Fede James Tarantola. 2018.

Series: “La Peste“. Director Alberto Rodríguez. Movistar + 2017.


Docuseries. El Último Balon de Filipinas. Production MeVoyalMundo.com. Philippines September and October 2018


Hulkirrin. Own production. 30 shows on tour, comedy show during the months of July and August. Huelva, Cadiz 2014

Tejero McFly. Text by Leandro Barea and Alberto Guitian, La Pícara, Seville 2012


XII Edition of the State Meeting of Tutelary Volunteering, CaixaForum Sevilla 2019. 

Microteatro Sevilla: Microdebut Theatre Awards Ceremony, Seville, June 2016

HR Party of the University of Seville. Seville, July 2016


Pijama de Pino: Written and directed by Monano and Jorge Luque. More than 300 performances. Microteatro Sevilla, November 2015. Two years within the official program of Noche en blanco in Seville (2016-2017). Microteatro por Dinero, Madrid 2019.

SES. Microteatro Sevilla, February, 2016.

XX-XY. Written by Nancho Novo, Microteatro Sevilla, March, 2016.

Hulkirrin. Written by Leandro Barea, Microteatro Sevilla, April, May, 2016.

Madame Tarota. Written by Asunción Embuena and directed by Vicente Fonseca. Casalateatro June, July, September, Seville, 2016. Alameda Theater in Malaga, October 2016. Duque Imperdible Theater, November, Seville, 2016. Promo Escenarios de Sevilla

El nombre de las hadas. Children’s musical by Microteatro por dinero. Representations for the official Christmas program of the Seville City Council, December 2016, Seville.

Microimpro. Improvisation theater. Microteatro Sevilla, March 2017. More than 200 performances to date.

Vamos a por CR7. Text by Albert Boronat for Cía. Frotalámparas Theater. La Fundición Theater, Seville, September-October 2017. Theater Territory, Almería, May 2018. Currently in the distribution phase. Teaser

Engranajes Culturales. Performing different dramatized routes. Seville. Currently

Sprange. Performing event in houses with more than 40 artists from different countries. Seville February 2019

Me desperté. Argentina-Espala (theatrical monologue) by Fede James Tarantola, directed by Carlota Berzal. 2019

La Villana de Vallekas. Classic by Tirso de Molina adapted by Celia Morán. For the Tranccedilasbesthias Company. Premiere at the Paco Rabal Cultural Center. Madrid 2021. Currently in distribution.




When I was called to go withClowns Without Borders, I knew that this experience would improve my professional life and it also changed my life completely, so I did not hesitate for a second to do it. Being in the refugee camps in Leros and Kos in Greece was a divine gift, we shared many laughs and joys to people fleeing the war. I will always be grateful to those people because I received much more from them than I could give them..

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